Thursday, July 15, 2010

Graduation - A time of Reflection

My son just graduated from high school; he's 18 now. A full grown adult; well maybe in his mind, but ok, I'll play along. While I'm playing along, allowing him to make his own decisions and giving him some advice or suggestions, since he's full grown and knows everything now... I've been thinking how fast time has flown and so today, I will give you some insights on what the last 13 years in the public school system has been like for this American family. I will explain part of what has happened to us, while I will continue the rest of the story in a later blog; as the story is quite long and full of neat information. Are you ready?

1st grade - 6 year old little boy who was all full of piss and vinegar; who would not sit still for 5 seconds let alone have an attention span for more than 2 seconds. I believe that describes most 6 year old little boys; as my son was the ultimate prankster. He was the type of child that would stand, look you in the eyes - while his little hand had a firm grasp on the doily located on the end table in your living room, his eyes telling you that he is doing nothing wrong; however the location of his hand is telling you otherwise; so you have this staring contest with him.. then all of a sudden, he would yank that doiley, all my knick knacks would go flying along with the lamp that I so quickly ran and saved from smashing into smithereens; and the little prankster would take off running, laughing hysterically. Well, needless to say that child who entered 1st grade had a bit of a problem with his teachers. So, he was set aside in front of the chalkboard away from the rest of the class; totally isolated from the other kids. Now in my day not so long ago, those kids were called the class clowns - and you got a laugh from it and you moved on. In America today; those children are called problem kids who need to be doctored up with Ritalin and other mind altering drugs so they sit still like zombies and are not allowed to be themselves. Multiple parent/teacher conferences occurred as you can appreciate my anger. Then finally a meeting with the principal; at which time, I was discreetly told.. "well, if those teachers had children of their own, they would all be perfect." My response to this principal with a PhD in Bullshit Liberalism 101 was.. "If Eddie Murphy's Momma never allowed him to act out or be himself, do you think he would actually have grown up with the self esteem and become a comedian and a famous actor?"... Long story short, I moved into another school district. I explained to the new teacher what had happened at the other school.. and she quickly reassured me that all was right in the world and everything would be fine. My son entered that little elementary school on March 17, St. Patrick's Day and ended his school year the 1st of June, with straight A's, drug free and completely happy enjoying his childhood as a prankster.

Fast forward to 6th grade; I met and married my husband; after years of being a single parent and the Lone Mother Lioness protecting her baby cub. We moved into another area to be closer to my husband's employment and for what the local reviews said was the "best school district in SW PA".. umm, yea, ok. We bought into it hook, line and sinker. For those of you who do not think that politics even exist in the school systems, think again... my story is about to get all the more interesting.

I quit my job, my career in accounting; and decided to focus on my child; didn't know that included having 2 more children, but God had other plans for our life. I joined the PTA; became my son's homeroom mother; just didn't know that homeroom mother meant you enjoyed the planning, organizing and funding of all the school parties by yourself. Well, ok, thanks for that education; as none of the other parents couldn't be bothered. I'm always up for a challenge and the parties were great; completely organized; and your child had a fabulous time. You're welcome.

7th grade Reading Class - My son was reading a book about Vietnam; well, ok, that's a good history lesson for him, I think? Maybe I should pick up this book myself and read some of it and quiz him to make sure he is actually doing his assignments correctly - isn't that what all Good Mothers do? Wow, I was the one who received an education - an education in drugs, particularly marijuana and crack parties; orgies; prostitution, multiple sex scenes with multiple partners and experiencing homosexuality all on the battle fields in Vietnam. Are you absolutely freaking kidding me? I even handed my husband the book to read a bit of it, because I could not believe my eyes.. as they were surely deceiving me that my 12 year old son had been assigned this book in SCHOOL! So, phone calls started flying; the English teacher got defensive; gave me once again Bullshit Liberalism 101 that this book is an "approved, academic Reading assignment from the Board of Educators in the State of PA". Oh Really, is that so? She didn't appreciate my tone and the words I was using as she told me that she felt "uncomfortable" (although I was quoting the words exactly as they appeared from this little book in my hands) and felt better to have a meeting with my husband and I, her and the principal. Now of course, back peddling starts during those meetings and the prinicpal must always appear to be on the child's side and the parent's side. We asked why isn't Mark Twain a good approved reading material and we were politely told that Mark Twain was a racist writer who used the "n" word and those types of reading materials were not conducive with the education that PA wanted to give their students. But cracking, whoring, homosexual activity, gangbanging is approved as long as it is in a war setting.. thank you so much for clearing that up for us, we are so stupid and forever in your liberalism debt. The principal and the teacher nearly gasped everytime I read an excerpt out of this book. I asked them, what was the matter with it? You're allowing children to read this garbage, what's wrong with me reciting it? Needless to say, that Book was tossed out of my son's hands and I dared that teacher to give my son an F for the assignment. From that moment on, any reading material my son was given was to be approved by my husband and I.

I know home-schooling is on the rise and quite popular. I myself, prefer the public school systems and I will tell you why. Home-schooling to me and while this is my opinion only- does not give your child the social skills and the self esteem to go out in the world and stand up for what they believe in. While your child is being instructed on liberalism 101 in the public school systems, your child with a good foundation and a family to help guide them, can truly understand the ways of the world. Also, this madness in the school systems can not be changed unless parents stand up and say something about it, after all, Folks, it is your tax dollars that fund the Institutions. It is also your Right to know what our child is learning; so get informed and stay informed. If you do not protect your own children, no one else will. I'm one of the American Made Woman fools who constantly stands up and says something about it.........

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