Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Battle Rages On...

Remember November has come and gone.. Republicans have gained the House but managed to still lose the Senate. Jubilee all around over the "Conservative Victory" and the historical election that has transpired.. but is it really a Victory? Victory for whom? Certainly not the people in this country; all I see are Washington power plays hitting left and right. I've got to tell you, I'm disgusted right now, truly disgusted....Hang on for a turbulent ride into my mind this morning..

This is my opinion and trust me I'm pretty disgusted by both sides at this point...
I've been listening to both sides. I listened to the "Left" on Sirius Satellite yesterday.. I've been listening to them for the last couple of weeks. Their talk show hosts cuss; name call; belittle; berate; I have heard everything under the sun.. such as scum sucking teabaggers, ignorant bastards, racists. I have YET to hear anyone (and trust me I have listened in all time slots)... but I have YET to hear any one of them say anything about the issues. Yesterday, I listened and they were calling Obama a "Wimp-Ass" President who needs to stand firm against the Party of NO and not communicate, cooperate, compromise anything. They were calling for Executive Orders and to shut out the Republicans. THAT is what is being broadcasted on the Left side. So much for hope and change. IT is a dictatorship. Having said that.. Listen up please. I am completely DISMAYED by the Conservative stance. I would have thought that the "Tone" would have become quieter; but that has not happened either. Their Tone has become louder. We are headed for a war. There is no compromise on either side and I'm completely saddened as well as EMBARRASSED that Americans are acting in such a poorly manner. This will become a BATTLE between Politicians for POWER, MONEY and RECOGNITION. The truly sad part is - while the democrats are stepping on our Constitutional Rights and doing a complete over haul of government - they are not wanting to listen to the Republican side and come to some sort of agreement that is LEGALLY fair and CONSTITUTIONALLY RIGHT. I am liberal on some issues; such as abortion (I believe in Pro-Choice, however it's not MY CHOICE.) and gay rights - but don't call it marriage; call it what it is.. a Union. But my point here is this.. While Politicians are power surging, getting their egos off, becoming popular and boosting their self confidence and machoness..... The American people will suffer.

I want it to end on both sides. But you've got hate pouring out of both sides. When will it end? Where will the lines be opened? I have no idea.. because I gotta tell ya.. the Dems and Obama are not budging. Obama will get everything he wants to pass via Executive Orders... and while he's doing that.. the Dems are conspiring behind his back to Oust him. I kinda felt sorry for him yesterday, he looked like he had lost his last friend; he's now ready to listen to Republican Ideas? I don't think so.. he never has before.. he has shut out the Conservative view point and acted like Conservatives never mattered. We are headed for a disaster and the American people are going to pay for it. I'm completely disgusted with what I have seen and read from both sides since Tuesday, Nov. 2nd. I'm so disgusted that I might even get out of speaking about politics.. because it doesn't matter.. these bastards' bank accounts increase while my family continues to struggle to pay our bills.

I mean don't get me wrong.. Obama is a bad dude; I've never liked him since day 1. But the womanly side of me felt real bad for him; why? I don't know. He brought this on himself; He is not a good person, he never has been. You can not elect a person who was never raised in this country; his birthplace is still up in the air - as the only birth certificate we have visually seen is a "green" copy that was put on the Internet by Robert Gibbs (now we all know he is such a trustworthy and upstanding Citizen in our country; all sarcasm intended); he surely is not eligible for Pres because of his father's British Citizenship.. and he has been surrounded his whole life with communists and anti-American haters.

How he got elected, I will never in my life understand it. He is so far left, it's not even funny. He is just a pawn in the many political strings that are transpiring right now. Watch out for all of this because this is what I see happening now.. Amnesty will go through for Illegals; The Clintons will make a power play for the White House to oust him as well as other Dems will throw their name into the ring. Hillary Clinton is probably keeping a box of Kleenex in his pocket because she is salivating so bad to become the First Woman President. The Democratic bid for the White House to take Obama out of power has already been set up by the Democratic campaigns for this past election.. as they have campaigned about how far they are running away from him.. that much is evident.. and while we have just ridden ourselves of Botox Jet Setting Pelosi.. we are inheriting a Man from Ohio who parents owned a Bar. The Lib spin on that will be Boehner is nothing more than a lazy drunk who doesn't work past 5 or 6 o'clock because he will be late for his drinking appointments.

It's sickening what goes on in this country. We have homeless people, elderly, disabled, people who can't even afford to pay their bills and feed their children (and I'm not taking about these entitlement fools who went out and signed a loan for a $500,000 home when they knew they could not afford it - I could give 2 shits about them.. let them claim bankruptcy and figure it out on their own.) I'm talking about people who seriously need help and they will never see the light of day because of the bullshit that is going on. The American People are being lost in this whole process.

I am not so naive as to believe Obama gives a rats you know what about any American.. he couldn't even look in the TV camera yesterday and speak to the American citizens he is supposedly leading. I'm just really pissed off and disgusted by what is transpiring on both sides. The Golden Rule has gone out the window; a hand shake virtually means when I get done shaking that hand - I'm dousing myself with Hand Sanitizer.. the Human Affect and Touch are gone.. Life doesn't matter to any of these people.. They all need freaking fired and dropped down a peg or two and see just how the real world freaking operates.

It's simple.. treat people as human beings; treat them with respect and dignity, stop the lying, the cheating, the stealing.

Put our citizens rights above Illegals. Seal the borders and go door to door and get the illegals out of here. The Illegals are sucking up our resources that were intended for the truly needy in our country. Stop giving to foreign countries when we have homeless people in our own streets. Clean up America before you try and help anyone else out first.

Get Americans back to work. Give up the Social Service programs for career reliefers. Abolish the Unions; allow free market and competition.

Drill for Goodness sake and stop depending on Islamic countries for our oil.

Go by our Constitution - it was written for a reason to keep treasonous dictators out of our Free Represented Republic.

Term limits period. Each congress person needs to be put on probation, 90 days up to a 6 month period of time - if they renig on one issue they lied about while campaigning.. we have the right to vote them out. That is written perfecty clear in our Declaration of Independence. When a government becomes destructive; We the People have the right to abolish and/or alter it and institute it with new government. We should not have to wait 2 years for a House Representative's term to be over; We should not have to wait 4 years for a Governor's term to be over; We should not have to wait for a Senator's term to be over with. We should not have to wait 4 years for a President's term to be over with. In the Private Sector, if you lie on your resume or Curriculum Vitae anytime during your Probabtion period, you can be fired. Why is our Represented governmental officials treated any differently than our normal everyday Citizens?

Stop the abortion issue - It is a woman's choice - we have no right to tell a woman what to do with her own body - if we did, then we are no better than a liberal wanting to dictate everything. Although I don't agree with it; I shouldn't have to pay for it either via Obamacare. Let that woman who chooses to do it, pay for it herself.

Abolish Obamacare and look at Healthcare Reform.

Gay rights - it's not anyone's business how others live in this country. I don't push my heteorsexuality on anyone, likewise I don't expect anyone to push their gayness on me. After all that's why bedrooms have doors on them, shut them and lock them down. I don't care what anyone does, keep it to yourself - broadcasting it - is vulgar. Live and let live.

This country was founded as One Nation under God - leave it alone. Just because someone has other religious beliefs.. what is so offensive about the 10 Commandments?

No Sharia Law.. let the son of a guns go back to the hellhole they came from and live by their Sharia Law - just by definition, it's against the law in the United States.

Stop trying to redefine the Bible, stop trying to redefine Webster's Dictionary.. Stop Political correctness.

Stop Affirmative Action - it's racist to begin with.

Teachers - Stop enforcing your political beliefs on children. Teach both sides.. Democrat and Republican. Allow the students to make up their own minds as to how they feel on issues. TEACH BOTH SIDES!!!! (sidenote: I guarantee you while a child is rebelling against parental authority; they will also rebel against the communist beliefs that progressives and liberals have today; and I'm positive that is what scares the hell out of the Liberals and why they Indoctrinate our children.)

Lower taxes, less government; allow us to live by the Constitution - so that we may pursue our own happiness... Help our Veterans and always put our Military first.. they are the reason we have our Freedom. Give me a politician and a person who understands the daily difficulties that occur in our daily lives.. and one who is not out for personal gain. Is that too much to ask for? It just may be too much to ask for - because even after the "Victory" on Tuesday.. the Battle is continue to Rage on. The American People are being lost in the process.

Americans by the Grace of God - let us not forget our humble roots; let us learn from the past; otherwise our future is riddled.. and Progress can not occur. If the opposite of Pro is Con... Please tell me what the opposite of Progress is?? Do not be fooled America, do not be fooled.. Back room deals are still being carried on as I type this. Bet your life on that.