Monday, October 4, 2010

Haven't written in a while

I haven't written in a while; so what's new? Nothing really; just more of the same. Nov. 2nd is fastly approaching. Are people going to look in the mirror and be the change they so desperately seek in others? Or are they going to still continue to vote for the ones who tax the hell out of us, while they claim it's what is best for us? I live in a state where we have a Democratic Governor who has been in office for 8 long years. During those 8 years; we have suffered. New tax, after new tax. Every city and borough is broke; they waste money and think they are going to get ahead by gladly accepting govt bailouts and then taxing the residents of this state to pay the tab. I'm beyond tired of it.

I'm also tired of the people who claim they are Blue Dog Democrats - strictly for the working class. There is no such thing anymore. Power, greed, unions, communism, socialism, marxism is what is front and center in the Democrat Party. A vote for anyone with a D behind their name is clearly supporting that agenda. Democrats can not run fast enough away from Obama or even campaign that they are infact Democrats. The party is unrecognizable. The old adage that Democrats are for the poor and the Republicans are for the rich simply does not exist anymore. The correct adage is.. Democrats are for spreading the wealth and Republicans are for keeping your wealth. I've never in my life heard such a pathetic statement - Tax the rich and that will solve all of your problems. I've got a question for you -Who do you think employees the working class? The rich does. What happens to those companies who are taxed to oblivion? - They are forced to shut down their doors. Therefore, they are out of business and there is no work for the working class. That working class then has to depend on the never ending saga of Unemployment. That Folks is called Communism.

We live in a country where we are guaranteed unalienable rights that we are all created equal and that we all have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. How can we say we even have these fundamental rights anymore? Does it make you happy that 33% of your income goes to the govt? Does it make you happy that every single time you think you're getting ahead - there's another tax?

Here's a chart of where your money goes to each and every year. Are you mad yet? You should be. Do not be fooled, the more you make - the more the govt takes. Get off my back already.