Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dedicated to Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson - American politician, actor, attorney, lobbyist, columnist, and radio host. He served as a Republican U.S. Senator for Tennessee from 1994 through 2003. From starting out as being an auto salesman to an attorney, to being appointed as minority counsel to assist the Republican senators on the Senate Watergate Committee, then a Lobbyist, to an American Character Actor, and serving for 10 years as Senator in Tennessee by being elected to finish 2 years of Al Gore's unexpired US Senate Term. He also ran for the Presidency in 2008; well we all know how that turned out. He can be heard on the Radio on his own Fred Thompson Show from 12n-2pm EST on WHFS-AM in Washington, DC.

He has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), a form of cancer. But it has not stopped him. He is in remission and he stated that his illness is treatable with drugs and should not affect his life expectancy. Please do not allow that to "scare" you. Need I remind all of you - that McCain is still alive. All the Democrat's scare tactics of asking the question - because of McCain's age - can he survive a 4 year Presidency? During the 19 months of the disastrous ObamaNation presidency - 3 Democrats have passed - John (you're a racist redneck, clinging to your guns and Bible, if you do not vote for Obama) Murtha; Ted (No woman is safe in my vehicle) Kennedy and the late Robert (KKK member) Byrd.

Have you ever listened to him? In my opinion, he is a breath of fresh air. He speaks Common Sense, Give me Liberty or Give Death, his love for country and our Constitution is quite evident. There is not 1 single thing that this man has said that I disagree with. He can really put your mind at ease; as well as making you think beyond the average Liberal poison that "tries" to infect us daily.

I believe he is exactly what this country needs to turn this Communistic ObamaNation Ship around. If you've never pondered or even taken the time to listen to Fred Thompson, by all means - Getcha some! I've copied some of his witty comments. I hope you enjoy them as much as this American Made Woman does!

Fred Thompson Comments:

At a fund-raiser in Austin, President Obama said, "The policies that crashed the economy, that undercut the middle class, that mortgaged our future, do we really want to go back to that, or do we keep moving our country forward?" --- Wow! Congratulations Mr. President, you just wrote every Republican's campaign commercial for 2010.

During Charlie Rangel's rambling 30-minute floor speech, he said "I don't want to be awkward and embarrass anybody". Um, Charlie?... That's what you say INSTEAD of making a speech, not DURING one.

Republican Congressman John Shadegg wants to pass a law forcing all bills introduced in Congress to include a statement citing the part of the Constitution that authorizes it. Ya know, if that passes, Democrats are going to be REALLY shocked to discover that there's no "because we want to" clause.

President Obama signed Congress's new 26 billion dollar spending bill just two hours after it was passed. This is the same guy who took months deciding what to do in Afghanistan. We should've just told him that the Taliban hates teachers' unions.

Charlie Rangel spent 30 minutes on the House floor, maintaining his innocence against the ethics charges he faces. It must've been pretty rough on his fellow Democrats, having to sit there, listening quietly, not being able to spend a dime.

Government-run General Motors is spending 500 million dollars to build a factory in Mexico. I guess their plan is to save money by sneaking the cars across the border into Arizona.

A JetBlue flight attendant quit his job, cursed at passengers, grabbed two bottles of beer, and left the plane by using the emergency slide. Sounds kinda like the Democrats' plans for a lame duck session this year.

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean said that if the November elections are a referendum on President Obama and the Democrats, "we don't win". What's he worried about? Don't Democrats always get referendums overturned in court?

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that President Obama's economic team has worked the equivalent of six years during the 18 months they’ve been in office.
Oh, I highly doubt that. In the last 18 months, they've done at LEAST 10 years worth of spending.

Iran is launching 4 new submarines that it built itself. I saw a picture. They'd probably look more intimidating if they weren't wearing burkas.

President Obama hosted the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints at the White House today. The next time he's surrounded by a winning team it'll be made up of Congressional Republicans.

One Gitmo detainee whose been held for 8 years will finally be facing a military tribunal on the base. He would've gotten a trial in a Federal court, but he was accused of trying to kill American men, not marry them.

Agents in the Immigration & Customs Enforcement, or ICE, office say they're being forced to promote amnesty programs instead of spending their time enforcing immigration laws. I guess that, under Obama, ICE stands for "in comes everybody".

A new government report names Al-Qaeda as the biggest threat to the United States.
They WERE number two, but the government eliminated the threat of Arizona police enforcing immigration laws.

The Senate voted unanimously to pass a bill that's spending billions of dollars on food for children. The same bill also spends a bunch of money to fight childhood obesity. I guess it's the new Senate Diet: "here's the food, just don't eat it."

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said that "America is a less equal country" because of the Bush tax cuts. That must be why Obama's trying to make us equal to all those bankrupt countries in Europe.

The ABC, CBS, and NBC evening newscasts all mentioned President Obama's birthday, but none mentioned Missouri's vote against Obamacare. Which is sorta like complimenting a guy's shoes while neglecting to mention that he forgot to wear pants.

A new report shows that BP actually received 175 million dollars in stimulus funds while the Gulf oil spill was going on. Interesting... Apparently Obama's new recovery plan is to rob Peter to pay Peter.

BP is starting to pump cement into its damaged Gulf oil well to seal it permanently.
If this works, maybe we should hire BP to do some work on the Arizona border.

A new report shows that the stimulus bill included $317,000 for researchers studying voter response to media coverage of political campaigns. They could've asked me and saved the money - IT'S LOUSY!

Gitmo detainees get satellite TV, movies, radios, books, and video games. We ought to have a new rule - terrorists should NOT be living better than Charlie Rangel.

A new report shows that 71,000 dollars of stimulus cash was used to study the effects of cocaine on monkeys. What a waste of money. They could've gotten the same information by walking around Hollywood with a video camera.

A man who robbed a Wendy's in Atlanta, GA, called the restaurant twice afterwards to complain about how little money he got. Hey... someone check and see if Obama's missing an economic advisor.

‎71% of Missouri's voters approved a ballot measure rejecting ObamaCare's insurance mandate. The other 29% only voted against the measure because they thought ObamaCare required them to.

And Drum Roll Please.........................

President Obama is celebrating his 49th birthday today. I'll bet he really misses the days when his approval ratings were higher than his age.

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