Monday, August 2, 2010

Tax Cheats and the Libs

Tax Cheats/Evaders are running this country and they actually expect us to believe what they say. Let’s just call out some names here – Tom Daschle, Charlie Rangel, John Kerry, Rahm Emanuel, Tim Geithner, Hilda Solis, Nancy Killefer, Ron Kirk and now you can add Maxine Waters to that list. What’s the common denominator here? Liberals, that’s what. The same liberals who preach “spread the wealth”, the same liberals who constantly raise your taxes while under the pretense it’s what is best for you; it’s all a part of the liberal ideology and the liberal hypocrisy. They raise your taxes so they can get the kickbacks and the side pocket change. Every wonder why a Politician is a millionaire on a 5 or 6 digit salary? Every wonder how Obama himself can state such lunacy things like at some certain point you have made enough money, while his 2009 Income Tax Return states he made $5.5 Million Dollars?

Hypocrisy – Why can’t anyone speak the truth? It’s highly hypocritical to have a Tax Evader to be our Secretary of Treasury – but there he is – Timothy (I can’t pay my taxes and keep track of my own personal records, but I’m going to run the Treasury for America) Geithner. This highly hypocritical man even stated that the Obama Administration will be going after people who avoid and evade their taxes by "tackling tax shelters and other efforts to abuse our tax laws, including international tax evasion efforts." He even completed those 2 sentiments with a straight, serious face - now that’s the worst kind of liar. Is it any wonder, America is going broke at lightning speed? Is it any wonder that America has poor people? When you look at how many Liberals actually pay their taxes the correct way, you start to see the ocean of hypocrisy that permeates their ideology. But don’t you dare even think about not paying your taxes or trying to cheat anywhere – because Obama is watching you!

There is money being given hand over fist – on deals, after deals, after deals, and yet – the Democratic Party still has supporters – these people still get elected. Rangel – 40 years in the House – well hell why leave such a lucrative position? 40 years in the House – including being the Former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman and the Chief Tax Writer – Nothing like having on the job training to become the Chief Tax Writer, all the while you’re cheating away – now that’s something to be writing about.

Maxine Waters surely must have been to lunch too many times with Pelosi – to even think she could get away with asking for government funds for a bank her husband owns stock in. Not only has her wigs affected her brain – but I have 2 words for her – Outlandish and Outrageous! I just love using people’s words against them – No, Maxine Honey, the Tea Partiers who wave their flags and laugh are most assuredly not Outrageous and Outlandish – you, my Dear, win the prize. I’m sure Maxine is probably jealous of Pelosi – getting the Jet treatment every week to fly home to California; Pelosi’s husband has benefited greatly from all the spendulous packages; Pelosi loves her Botox; Pelosi even got funding for mice in her district through the spendulous packages.. and I’m sure Mrs. Different Wig A Day Waters wasn’t going to be bested; well now, she’s just simply Busted.

Will somebody please show these people the door? Kick them out of office. Stop re-electing crap, just stop it. When I walk through the check-out lines at the grocery store – I’m constantly asking myself, why in the hell is National Enquirer still on the news stands – Hell No, I don’t care if someone tried to steal Michael Jackson’s body – Hell No, I don’t care if Angelina catches Jen in bed with Brad – Hell No – I don’t care if John Edwards is moving his mistress and his baby into the guest house while Elizabeth is totally oblivious to what is transpiring because she is too busy with her furniture stores in North Carolina, pretending to have once had a happy home; Hell NO – I don’t care if Lady Ga-Ga (is it really a woman or a man? Ugh, on second thought – I do not want to know!) feels lonely in relationships because she won’t have sex. Now all of that is my own exaggeration, but you get my point – Right? That magazine wouldn’t be on the newsstands if people would QUIT BUYING IT! Stop Buying into these LYING LIBERALS! When is the insanity of this administration going to stop; it’s never-ending!

Have you ever wondered what America would be like, if all laws even applied to Congress? Democrats get a slap on the wrist, made to apologize and pay a portion of what they owe – and it’s over with. Then they go back to raising your taxes, calling you names if you don’t agree with them, and just blatantly spitting in your face. Ever wonder why politicians are so rich? Can you say kickbacks off the American taxpayers?

Why are Democrats so quick to put an end to the Bush Tax Cuts? The Bush Tax Cuts do not have an expiration date like all the liberals seem to want you to believe.. nope, Obama is just going to throw it out – why? Socialism, communism, Honey, that’s why. Why extend Bush Tax Cuts when Obama has a Nation hypnotized on his teleprompter and his laughing at the most ridiculous as well as unprofessional questions ever asked during a supposed “historical interview” by none other than Die Hard Anti War Let’s talk to Terrorists Liberal Joy Behar on The View – like you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread!

So, the next time you hear these Liberals spewing up their hatred rants against conservatives – just check their tax paying history – While they’re raising everyone’s taxes – you can rest assured they are filling up their pockets as well.
The Obama Administration along with the Pelosi Speaker of the House – The most ethical Congress in History, where everything was going to broadcasted on C-Span and we will know what is going on at all times – is Indeed the Most Corrupt, Most Unethical Administration in all of our 234 years of being in existence at this experiment of a Free Represented Republic – the United States of America. This Administration is ladened with criminals and tax evaders – and they keep coming out of the woodwork; and it’s no coincidence that the majority of them are being put into positions of great power by none other than the POTUS himself.

Isn’t it time the Democratic Party be outlawed once and for all? So, far this dream of hope and change with the Yes We Can campaign is proving to be - Yes We Can spend all of your money; raise your taxes and still keep the economy on the stand still. Is it any wonder what this country is becoming at the hands of the current administration – while he claims We aren’t a Christian Nation anymore. Try as you might to continue to take God out of everything and claim it’s Separation of Church and State – there are still laws and even one of the 10 Commandments – that states.. Thou Shalt Not Steal. Last time I checked, I do believe not paying your taxes and lying still falls under the category of Stealing!

Call me silly – but; when you take God out of everything –regardless if you are Atheist or whatever religion – the country, the people, just as sure as I am sitting here – Goes to Hell in a Hand Basket.

Wake up, wake up, wake up… QUIT BUYING IT. The IRS would not accept a lousy excuse from you or I that we simply forgot to pay our taxes – and the same must apply to Congress. Stop buying the lies, stop lining their pockets and VOTE THEM OUT. November can’t come soon enough for this American Made Woman.


  1. You know, Becky, I was thinking the same thing today.... I can't WAIT for November! I'm not in the habit of "wishing my life away", but in this case, I'll make an exception. As Americans, we want to solve our problems the "right" way... through elections. So let's get on with it! If that doesn't work, we'll move on down the list of ways to solve problems, LOL. But let's get ON with it, because time is a-wastin'. I need to *DO* something. I have joined my local (newly formed) conservative group, and I have been helping to make phone calls for the GOP. I need to be DOING something to take my country back, and I am tired of waiting for November to roll around.

    BTW, just as an aside, I have no problem with the Enquirer. They are a rag, and they don't pretend to be anything else. And they *DID* do America the service of exposing John Edwards and Al Gore to the public (along with numerous others). They slam all sides equally. The ones *I* have a problem with are Time and Newsweek, and that sort. They are all left-leaning, and only tell 1/2 of the story, but they try to present themselves as unbiased and truthful "news" mags. If you don't get any news anywhere else. you *might* believe that they are straight down the middle. Now *THOSE* are the mags that I think need to disappear. (apparently most of America agrees with me, too, as they subscriptions have dropped off to the point that Newsweek was just sold).

  2. My point about the National Enquirer is most of it is smut; people buy smut instead of listening to the truth and getting involved with what is happening in America. We have the Internet right here at our finger tips - there's Google, Bing, etc all kinds of things to research and read about and yet, the majority still tunes into the MSM's for their news. The other thing I find rather appalling is that people are ready to sell their souls over liars and cheats (who do not give a damn about this country, our people or our constitutional rights - who put illegals above and ahead of our people) instead of listening to their neighbors, friends and family members - people that you have known your whole life. I'm on board the Crazy Train right now (according to most people who personally know me) and it's really disheartening. Furthermore we shouldn't have to wait for elections - when treason is taking place ona daily basis. We are protected from that under the Declaration of Indpendence. Now, I have so much to write about and not enough time!!!:) :) :)