Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Race, It is so NOT the Issue.

I wasn’t going to talk about the racism or the racist issues going on in this country right now; but silence is acceptance. Listen to that one more time – Silence is acceptance and that is a direct quote from me. Allow me to define racist for you – Racist – is a term Liberals use when you completely disagree with a liberal’s Progressive, Marxist, Socialist, Communist way of thinking. When you do not agree and you oppose – well there you go, you are a Racist. Fact is I think what is going on today is totally stupid and I do not engage in stupid activity.

I was raised in the South. I grew up in neighborhoods with people of all colors. There were never any issues that I can ever remember that ever happened regarding race. We were friends, we were playmates. If I took their ball away, no one ever screamed to me that I was a racist; fact is that term was never used then, the term was prejudice and while I can honestly say, I never heard that term either. I had black, Hispanic, neighbors. Now I knew their skin was different then mine, but did I really understand what black and Hispanic meant – Nope, I did not, as it did not matter! Like I said, we were friends, we were playmates. In our neighborhood, the majority of the kids were boys; the girls were seriously outnumbered, big time. There were only 6 girls, myself included. (My sister didn’t count because she was a baby at that time.) lol. The boys ruled the neighborhood; we played football, baseball, basketball, rode our bikes, went swimming or we would watch the boys skateboard on their homemade ramp and the only thing that ever made my blood boil, was when the boys would find a garden snake and chase me around with the damn thing until they caught me and then they would put it in my face and laugh their asses off. Now, that did infuriate me – as I’m terrified of snakes. But other than that, there were no issues.

In elementary school, one of my best friends was a girl who made me laugh; she always listened intently to all my woes about my pesky little sister who always made me mad. I would walk into our classroom and there she was always smiling and waving at me squealing with excitement ; we played on the playground, we passed notes, we whispered secrets, we talked about boys –as she had the most terrible crush on one boy in particular – it was funny; I always teased her about it. Her skin color was brown; but it didn’t matter to me; and only recently after we had reconnected after many years – did I even know that she was Hispanic. It never occurred to me to question why her skin color was darker than mine, I just know that I did go to the beach often and no matter how hard I tried, my skin would never be as golden brown as hers. I was okay with that, and she liked me regardless. How did I finally figure it out that she was of different background than me – I saw her FaceBook page – and Spanish is written on her FB Wall. Wow, that’s news to me. Now that is probably being incredibly naïve – but again, it was never an issue when we were growing up; it was never an issue at any time during my childhood and my teen years.

I distinctly remember a boy in my 4th grade class, I will never forget him – although his name does escape me, but I will never forget his accent, he was always so nice, I think he might have been from Israel, maybe? If I’m wrong here, my childhood friends can correct me. But my point about him is this – he had a birthday party for every single kid in our class – maybe 30 of us? I don’t remember exactly, but there were a lot of us. Anyways – this birthday party was at Showbiz Pizza Place – I remember thinking OMG, everyone who wears that little beanie hat is RICH. Look at this party – I had never been to a birthday party like that in my life. We danced, we got to play games with free tokens, there was Big Bears who actually played guitars and sang; just like at Disney World’s Country Bear Jamboree. It was amazing. Plus it was on a school night, which made it extra cool; as growing up, we were never allowed to do anything “special” on a school night. Now, again – he was the nicest boy – I’m thinking now that maybe he was Jewish, but again, it did not matter – we were friends and he was my “rich” friend who had birthday parties at Showbiz Pizza Place and he liked me enough to invite me.

Now there were black boys in our neighborhood, who used to get on my nerves seriously. We were friends – but they teased the hell out of me, nothing to do with color, just boys teasing girls in general. When I got mad at them or any boy for that matter – I treated them no differently than a White boy, as they got a swift kick in the privates, or their shins. I was known as the nuts kicker. I admit it, that was my protection against those boys. I have saved practically all my childhood notes from class and school; and I have this one note in particular that cracks me up every single time I think about it. One day after school, maybe junior high by this time – I was walking home from the bus stop and this Black boy was following me, oh he was a pest!! But again, nothing about color!! He made a comment about my rear end being big and he kept it up until I turned around kicked him where the Good Lord made him… he ended up on his knees and I walked home with a big smile on my face. That’ll teach him from ever talking about my butt again, LOL. The next day, after school; we started walking home from the bus stop – he hands me this yellow note – and he walks away from me. In this note, it said that he was sorry for making me so mad, but I did not have the right to kick him in his gonads. He would forgive me and still be my friend. LOL That little note just cracks me up!!

Let’s fast forward to high school; across the street from me lived these 2 twin Black boys. They made me so mad! They got a car before I did, they were smarter than me in all of our advanced classes and they had encyclopedias!! Now that just made me furious. I often caught a ride with them to school. I was forever at their house borrowing their encyclopedias and getting help in Algebra from them. They always allowed me to borrow their books and always helped me understand the disgusting world of Algebra which I was sure would not have any affect in my world after high school. It was a complete waste of my time and it annoyed me because I was positive I would never have to use those figures again in my life. (I ended up being right; Algebra was a complete waste of time during my high school years, LOL) My parents would never buy me a set of encyclopedias, but those 2 boys across the street had them! Again, nothing about color, absolutely nothing about color.
My point in telling you all of this is simple – Color doesn’t matter. It never mattered to me and I don’t believe my childhood friends of color every called me the “white cracker girl” behind my back either. If they did, and I find out about it, I will remember to give them a swift kick you know where; the next time I see them!

So, now we are in 2010. Let’s rewind to before 2008 – all the cries about electing a Black President came into play and if you did not vote for him – you were a Racist. Yeah, whatever you say Liberals. I did my homework on Obama; heard all his wonderful glorious speeches of hope and change and how fabulous it sounded – and only if you believe in fairy tales with happy endings, would Obama’s dream of hope and change actually come true. Problem is he was never made to define what his vision of hope and change truly was. Do I really need to go into details about his childhood, his life, his communist mentors, his lies, oh and his lies and more of his lies? Nope, I’m not going to do it, fact is if you do not know who your President is by now, that’s your problem, not mine.

In my opinion, An American President needs to be born and raised in the United States; not raised in a Muslim foreign country. I’m quite positive, there were no American family picnics, there were no family vacations to the Statue of Liberty, no family vacations to historic Philadelphia, site seeing of the Grand Canyon, going to the beach for the week and grilling hot dogs and eating smores, there were no 4th of July celebrations, there were no Memorial Day picnics, there were no Labor Day picnics, there were no Martin Luther King Jr days, there were no Pearl Harbor Days, no Veteran’s Days, no President’s Days, nothing like that in Indonesia. In order to lead America, you must be raised as an American. That’s it, end of story – it has nothing to do with his color!

Practically every white Democratic Congressperson who campaigned for Obama said, oh, if you don’t vote for this Black Man, you are a racist, clinging to your guns and your Bible. Yeah, ok, whatever again Liberals. Why don’t you speak the damn truth? Why don’t you simply say that’s about all I have to defend Obama as there is nothing more of substance there? Then we had a man (Obama) running for the highest office in our government who did not condemn one single word of the race issue that was being spread like a disease throughout our country. That was part of his hope and change campaign, was it not? Election day, November 4, 2008, I saw on National TV, the Black Panthers standing at the voting booths in Philadelphia; they are on tape stating that you white people are going to be ruled by a Black man. Is that so? Then we had the infamous White police officer arresting the black professor; well Obama wasn’t having any of that; he summoned those two people to the Back lawn of the White House to discuss race issues over some beers. I wish Obama would invite me to the White House, as he would need a case of Samuel Adams beers to listen to me and even then I do not think I would be quite finished with everything I have to say to this man. Now we have a Justice Department who ignores the Black Pamper Babies and does not properly prosecute those who are guilty. So, now you have once again, a vacationing President who doesn’t speak one word about any of this; who does not go on National TV and ask for Unity. He’s on National TV for every other subject, he’s still campaigning to this day; you cannot turn the TV on without seeing that Dictator’s face staring back at you.

You have a divider in the White House, you have a communist living in our White House; you have a President who puts illegal aliens issues and welfare ahead of the American citizens! You have a DIVIDER in the White House. Is this the hope and change you were looking for?

The Emancipation Proclamation was signed into law by President Lincoln on Jan. 1, 1863. We have a Constitution that states all men are created equal. We have Affirmative Action in place for discriminatory actions (which is a complete farce, but that’s a whole different blog, at another time), because every Citizen in this country is equal and every Citizen in this country has the equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Get over your color issues, get over your ancestors being slaves. The White people of today did not have anything to do with it and I’m so damn tired of the bullshit. We have a Divider in the White House and things will not change as there will be no hope for our futures until that Divider is kicked to the curb. While this country is so caught up in the racial issues, the Divider in the White House is busy tearing down our Constitution and our way of life that has been in existence for 234 years. Keep on believing the smoke screens of race, and while you’re wasting time doing that – Obama is busy with destruction, ripping our country down.

Now if Obama was an outstanding man, who wasn’t racist himself, don’t you think he would have already addressed this issue and told certain groups in this country that we are all equal, that we all are one? Hell no, he’s not going to do that, He wants this country divided, he wants this country in turmoil, he wants the Pathetic Racist VOTES. He has nothing of substance to run his campaign on. There is not one damn single thing that he has done to Unify this country and to help this country prosper. I have said this before, I will say it again, he is hell bent on destroying this country. He is not American, no way shape or form.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and falling prey to their incredible childish name calling tactics. This country was founded on principles on Judeo-Christian beliefs, where if you dream it, you can achieve it. Obama has no idea what morals, or principles mean; otherwise he would be the Uniter, not the DIVIDER. He has sent this country back not 50 years, but indeed 147 years. Are you kidding me? Are you telling me now that my childhood friends has joined the Kool-Aid drinkers and are now believing that since I simply did not vote for Obama, it’s because I’m a racist – Is that what you are trying to tell me? Get out of my face with that. I will not tolerate it, it’s stupid and once again, I do not engage in stupid activity.

Please, look at the big picture here people; look at the destruction that is occurring across this geographical map of the United States of America. Is this the best we’ve got right now? A DIVIDER in the White House who was raised in a Muslim Foreign Country as a Muslim? Do we not have American pride enough to call out a Communist, Traitor when we see one? Surely, you can realize this. What exactly is so fabulous about Obama? He is destroying our culture, he is dividing a Nation, he is ripping families apart, he is ripping friendships apart that have been in place our whole lives and you’re going to sit and continue to vote for this DIVIDER?

Get with it America, get with it. The time is now to stand up, our lives, our futures, our children’s futures are in serious jeopardy. We cannot sustain another 2 years of this monstrosity trespassing in our House; we sure as hell cannot sustain another 6 years. Stand with your fellow Americans and boot this DIVIDER to the curb! Your conservative friends are not the enemy – we are your friends. This American Made Woman will still not vote for Obama in 2012; why don’t you join me, so true hope and change can occur; while we show this DIVIDER – that we do not tolerate your kind and you have trespassed in our house long enough. The person who cries racism is indeed the racist themselves. Do not be deceived, do not kid yourself for one second; Obama is the Racist, not you and not I. This American Made Woman is over it.


  1. Love this little rant, Becky. It's all so true! And one more thing.... if you went to the WH to meet with Obama, not only would he need a case of Sam Adams, but he *ALSO* better be wearing his athletic "cup" that day. You kick him where it hurts, Baby, and you will have MILLIONS of Americans standing right there with you!

    I'm linking this blog to my FB page every time you post new stuff. Hope that's OK with you!

  2. So very well stated Becky!! Keep it up!