Saturday, July 17, 2010

If It Feels Good, then Do It..

Just another typical Sunday morning; my Grandmother and I were sitting in the Church of God listening to the Pastor preach. I was small; maybe 11 or 12; I never really paid attention to what the sermon was about; all I knew then in the world that this was my time to spend with my Grandma. Saturday night sleep overs; she always fixed the best meals and had the best goodies and her candy jar was always filled with peanut butter, butterscotch, peppermint hard tack candies. The best part was when church service was over; she always treated me to lunch! But that particular morning, I heard something that would stick with me even til this day. The preacher said, everyone lives their lives today in the "If it feels good, then do it" mode.. no morals, no consequences, no second thoughts about whether or not what you are doing is actually hurting someone; no love and no God in their lives. I thought to myself, yeah right, here we go again, yadda, yadda ya.. I continued drawing.. while my Grandmother slipped me one of those yummy hard tack treats.

I do not remember the exact moment in time where I heard those words of that Preacher coming back to me. But it quickly appeared to me that he was right. Infidelity is and has been a popular trend. People seem to change partners just as often as they change their underwear; always looking for that greener grass. It appears that nothing is sacred anymore. Some people have multiple intimate partners; and pretty much it is done in secrecy.. or at least they think it is done in secrecy. I can tell you one thing right now; no matter who you think you are deceiving, the truth always comes out. In the end, the scars remain forever. It's funny or strange, but I hear and read from different sources, that polygamy is in the Bible; Old Testament maybe.. but if you really read the Bible isn't the Old Testament a bit barbaric, as we do not stone anyone anymore? Woman outnumbered men by a great margin; women were uneducated and unable to take care of themselves; therefore they relied on a man to take care of them whether it was their fathers, their brothers or a man who also took care of other women as well. Some of these young women ended up in prostitution and as being sex slaves. But if you really think the Bible or God intended for a man to have multiple wives, wouldn't he have made Adam, Eve, Cindy, Betty, Peggy all at the same time? Why only take 1 rib to make 1 woman; why not take multiple ribs to make multiple women for just 1 Adam?

Why do people cheat, why do people stray from their partners and seek comfort and intimacy elsewhere? Why do Politicians cheat? Is there a sense of entitlement; does it inflate a person's ego; is it the thrill of the chase; is it the excitement of doing something forbidden; or is it simply arrogance in knowing that they can get away with it? We all know who these people are; the media keeps it pretty front and center in the news, because after all sex does sell. Once again, I'm reminded of that little phrase from a very small church.. "If it feels good, then do it."

I've got huge questions, for all those who are not faithful - what kind of person does that make you? If you can not have morals and be true to your spouses in your own personal life; then how in the world will you treat, honor, respect and protect our Country? Does a President, Senator, Representative, not in essence marry their state or their country when they pledge their Oath? So when I hear names like Gingrich, Guiliani, Berlin, Mushchany, Pickering, Vitter, Sanford, Kilpatrick, Clinton, Gore, Edwards, Hart, Kennedy, Spitzer, McGreevey, Jackson, etc. - I remain completely disenchanted and totally unimpressed. Maybe I'm too traditional, maybe I'm too unforgiving; however, An oath, A vow, A promise are sacred. When you breach that oath, that vow, that promise - you are untrustworthy.

Family values and traditions need to be brought back to the American dinner table. Too many people are practicing "If if feels good, then do it." The media does not help one iota, as they live and breathe on this kind of smut and on who finds the smut and who reports on the smut first. Does the media have no shame? Do politicians have no shame? Does anyone have no shame for their infidelities? The blame game continues and once again, I ask myself repeatedly; when is accountability and accepting responsibility for their actions ever going to come into play?

Genesis 2:24
Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

No where in that above Bible verse does it state; you may dissolve your one flesh, if and when it feels good, then do it. I do not get it, I do not understand it; I never have and I guess this American Made Woman never will...........

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