Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sestak, the untold lies.

I was talking with a friend of mine last night and I started to question why we are not hearing anything about Joe Sestak's accusations of being approached by the White House and being asked to step down from running for the Democratic nomination for Senator of Pennsylvania against Arlen Specter in exchange for a guaranteed job in the White House. That sparked my interest, so this morning, I started doing some research of my own, via Google. What I have found is not only lies, but it truly is despicable and it shows once again that the Main Stream Media does not report all the truth, all the time. In fact - Everything that I have read about Mr. Sestak has always been followed with ("Retired Admiral").. problem is.. he never "retired", he was FIRED and thus resigned. That's a far cry from "retiring". I do not know about you, but Military to me is a sign of "Honor, Integrity, Unselfishness, and Sacrifice"; lying about your service in the military is completely dishonorable, unprincipled and deceitful.

Furthermore, why did the White House want Specter so badly to remain Senator instead of Sestak? What is going on here? Specter, who has been a career politician, Specter is now a Democrat, but was a Republican from 1965 (when he changed parties in order to challenge the Democratic district attorney of Philadelphia) until switching back to the Democratic Party in 2009. He has ran his campaign for the last 44 years as a Republican, but his voting records spoke otherwise. He indeed was a RINO, not one conservative bone in that man's body. On April 28, 2009, he finally came out of the closet and changed his party affiliation to "Democrat", in his words, to show support for Obama. All I can say is "Duh", well atleast he's finally admitting who he really is, even if it did take him 44 years to get there. Specter was continually making an ass out of himself, while at a Democratic Party Campaign Dinner, he thanked the RNC (Republican National Committee)TWICE for their continued support. So, here you have a guy who was on his way out the door via the Pennsylvania voters and the White House offering Sestak a cushion job with a nice salary, benefits and all the bells and whistles to keep Specter in office. So, what is really going on here? Has everyone just dropped the ball simply because Rahm Emmanuel has stated that nothing happened? Oh yea sure, let us believe a Nudey Bully who goes around in the Buff intimidating people.. WRONG! Are people so blind to not put 2 and 2 together? Once again, we have the Internet right at everyone's finger tips and none of this information is coming to light.

I'm so tired of the politics as usual, the lies, the underhanded ploys, the millions of dollars being spent to get a 6 digit salary, the power to change laws without considering what your constituents want, the blatant disrespect that is given to the American people on a daily basis. Representatives, Senators, Governors and even the POTUS himself are ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS. It's high time We the People remind them of that fact.

Here is my letter to Mr. Toomey, I will post a response if I do receive one from him. I encourage everyone to do their own research on the candidates in your areas; do not just sit back and allow all of the ABC, NBC, CBS networks to be your only guide. There are things that are not printed or reported on. Use the Internet for your news. If you find one source, look for 2 or 3 other sources that support what the 1st source stated. The time is now to stand up and fight the corruption; demand answers, demand to be heard. We can not allow this ObamaNation to continue. The real hope and change begins on the local levels - People get informed and get informed often. There is no reason for anyone to be misguided and uninformed in 2010. This American Made Woman can surely see November from her house, Can you?

Dear Mr. Toomey,

I tried to post this information on 2 Facebook Pages and during my postings on the 2nd Facebook Page; I received a notice from Facebook that stated this - Block! You are engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abusive by other users. You have been blocked from commenting on public posts because you repeatedly misused this feature. This block will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. When you are allowed to reuse this feature, please proceed with caution. Further misuse may result in your account being permanently disabled. For further information, please visit our FAQ page.

The reason I am emailing you is because I fully believe that the People of Pennsylvania need to know exactly who Sestak is. I've conducted my own research this morning, via Google and I have come up with some rather conflicting information if not full force lies. I learned that Sestak was Fired as deputy chief of naval operations for warfare requirements and programs, 2005. The reason cited for his dismissal was “poor command climate,” the service said at the time. The source of that information came directly from this link. http://www.navytimes.com/news/2007/09/navy_sestakstaff_070904w/

I also found other links to substantiate this story. Here is another one - http://www.militarycorruption.com/mullen.htm

Now having said that - if you look on both of those links - it states Sestak was fired and "Sestak was then shuffled into lower-profile desk jobs before he retired in January 2006 as a two-star admiral."

So, I again did some more research and went directly to Sestak's website http://sestak.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=2

Sestak's Bio is clearly misleading if not in fact a lie. It's stated as he was a "retired" 3 Star Admiral. He didn't retire, Mr. Toomey, He was FIRED; not at a 3 Star Admiral, but in fact a 2 Star Admiral.

If anyone lied on their resume in the Private Sector, they would be fired. I'm tired of the corruption that continues in Politics and I'm tired of being misguided by the Main Stream Media. I have read several articles with regards to Sestak and they all have stated "Retired Admiral". That is a lie. The people of Pennsylvania deserve the truth and they need to know exactly who they are voting for. I am one housewife in Pittsburgh, who actually does research candidates.

I do have to be fair here as I googled your name as well. I did not find one "scandal" in your search. http://www.google.com/#hl=en&source=hp&q=Pat+Toomey&rlz=1R2ADSA_enUS376&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=Ch3oMWflOTOrfLpXcygTKj7DICgAAAKoEBU_QDpEe&fp=1&cad=b

Upon further investigating of Sestak, it's apparently clear that once again if you are a democrat and you do not like what someone says, you try and shut them down; as I have found in this next link. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/sestak-camp-tries-fails-stop-ad?utm_source=MiahMarker&utm_medium=twitter

Can you not put forth a "truth campaign" about Sestak? The public indeed deserves to know that even though he did serve many years in the military; his career ended as a result of being Fired for "Poor Command Climate". Now, how does a Fired 2 Star Admiral end up being offered a WH job if he stepped down from running for Senate? What is going on in this country when you are not made to answer your allegations and provide proof? What is really behind the job offer scandal? The People of Pennsylvania cannot afford liars in office, we've had enough of them.

This state needs jobs; we need new businesses brought into the area so that People will stay here and actually be able to prosper. We also need lower taxes; we are taxed on practically everything we purchase including having a state income tax. How you expect families to survive in this state, when we cannot even make ends meet?

I'm not trying to tell you how to run your campaign, but the truth needs to be told. So, Please, Mr. Toomey, get the truth out there!



  1. Well done!! I am really looking forward to his response to you!

  2. Bravo!!!!! EXCELLENT!!! Keep it up, girlfriend! Can't wait to hear a response and a "Sestak Truth Rally"!!!!

  3. Becky, color me uninformed, but who is Mr. Toomey?

    I really loved your letter..... congrats for making a great case for the truth! I hope Mr. Toomey, whoever he is, runs with it!

  4. Mr. Toomey is the Republican running for Senator in the State of Pennsylvania. He is running against Joe Sestak.

  5. Although, it's a wonderful case that I have made, WTAE TV's Facebook page did not like my post and has deleted it. I have posted my response to them above. So much for medias not being biased.