Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Much for Free Speech in America

Since my last post about Joe Sestak, (D) Running for Senator in Pennsylvania; I thought it was my patriotic duty to inform Pennsylvania voters and others of what I have found out. I have posted my "Sestak, the Untold Lies" blog on different FB pages, including WTAE TV's Pittsburgh Facebook page. I had 1 person to "like" my post and that person also sent me a friend's request from that post. I went back on WTAE's FB page to see if anyone else had read about my findings, and low and behold my post of my Blog has been removed, totally deleted.

So much for Freedom of Speech, so much for the MSM's not being liberal biased. I think it is important to note here that while they deleted my post and my blog - that they have posted a question asking: "Did you hear President Obama is going to be on "The View" Thursday here on WTAE? Anybody wondering if Elizabeth Hasselback might make things interesting?" That post has received 141 comments. I do not appreciate the tone that was used in describing Elizabeth Hasselback and I do not appreciate my local news channel promoting an Epic Failure of a President.

Our rights, our freedoms are being stripped away bit, by bit. It is hypocrisy, it is a crime that conservatism is not heard, that conservatism is totally looked over. Only in America, if you're a liberal you are allowed the right to be heard. No one wants the truth and when you print the truth - you are labeled with names, you are ignored or in my case, you are simply deleted. As stated in my letter to Mr. Toomey in my previous blog; I was posting my links on his FB page and Facebook blocked me from doing that. You can see Facebook's comment to me in my letter to Mr. Toomey. Once again, if it's displeasing to the liberal's ears - they will shut you down. If it's displeasing to a conservative's ears - that's completely okay. There is always the double standard.

I'm not sure why there is such an allegiance to Obama in this country; he is anything but American. All you have to do is read the news; any other news than the Main Stream Media's news. Do google searches, conduct your own investigations, because that is the only way you are going to find some truth. Liberals can commit crimes at any time and it's all a big cover-up. Conservatives commit crimes and it is front page news and in your face, until the public and the media demand a public apology, resignation and repayment for pain, suffering and slander. It's sickening.

The time is now to stand up against this kind of tyranny. WTAE TV - I just want you to know that what you have done is a violation of my Constitutional right of Free Speech and just by you removing my post from your page, has only encouraged me to keep digging, as there must be something more than what I have uncovered.

You see Folks, when you are ignored, ridiculed, and have been called names; you quickly learn that you have hit a nerve. I'm just wondering right now how much Sestak has paid the MSM's in Pennsylvania to remain quiet about his WH scandal.. and now I sure would like to know how anyone with Integrity can run for Senator of any state when they have been fired from the Military.

My tax dollars are just as good as any liberal's tax dollars. I'm upset, I'm angry and I'm deeply saddened that Conservatives in this country are ignored, they are simply brushed aside and ignored. I present facts, not fiction. My life's experiences are my facts - my taxes are my facts - my property taxes are my facts - my quality of living in a supposed free country is my facts. Although I am upset, I will not be detoured, I will not be derailed, the truth is the truth and it sometimes does hurt. I encourage everyone to seek the truth in your districts, in your communities and speak up when you find inconsistencies, when you find lies, when you find double standards. Although, my blog was deleted, atleast 1 person that I know of actually read it. That's success enough for me. This country can not sustain the majority to be silenced - Stand up against tyranny as this American Made Woman will never be silenced.

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