Sunday, July 25, 2010

Protecting Us? I think Not..

So, what to write about today? There’s so much to talk about, so much to be concerned with, nowadays.. hmm, I’m actually having difficulty just picking 1 topic and sticking to it, as there are so many topics that I disagree with and have strong opinions about. (It is still my right to disgree, isn’t it?) I’m up rather late; did the mistake of lying down earlier and taking a nap, just ended up being a 3 hour nap, so yep, Here I am.. wide awake with my most trusted friend, My sweet tea, lol, :). I was out all day, searching for patio furniture, stimulating my local economy. I helped 2 sale associates with their commission paychecks, so Yep, I’ve done my Patriotic Duty today. It was so hot, totally hot and humid, nasty kind of hot, just wore me out, and thus the 3 hour nap. So, tonight, I’m amidst peace and quiet, my thoughts, and the Internet.

I love the Internet; Baby, you can play games, check the lottery numbers, check the weather, check your horoscope, date, read all the gossip, pay your bills, balance your checking account, watch you tube, watch movies, listen to music, chat with your friends, shop til you pass out on your keyboard and read the news. You can do it all right here on the Internet. Reading the news is always my fatal mistake. Prisolec and Tums are now my trusted companions, as reading the news most assuredly causes me severe heartburn. This Internet is basically the world at your fingertips, it’s amazing. Contrary to popular belief and lies being spread, I’ve got news for you, No, Al Gore did not invent the Internet.

The Internet was invented to have a way of communication, should there ever be a disaster of any sort and we lose power; electricity, etc. It was invented for people to be able to communicate in such times as disaster or war; for people to receive news and worthy information that would aide those in distress, should a disaster ever occur. Which brings me to my topic of this evening.. The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act. What in the hell is that? Protecting Cyberspace or Shutting the Conservatives Up in this Country Act? You choose, but I chose the latter… and I’ll explain why.

The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act is being led by none other than Senator Joe (I can’t decide what political party I am affiliated with, I flip flop so much) Lieberman. So, this little Bill is being pushed into Congress, so that the government can protect the American Citizens during wartime or a terrorist attack, for a period of time of up to 120 days. Liberals on drugs say what? They want to shut down the Internet during a disaster or a war in order to protect us, while the very Internet that I am typing on was invented to help us communicate and get necessary information and be able to locate our loved ones during those such times?

Who the hell are they kidding?

Senator Joe (Liberal this week) Lieberman has been quoted to tell CNN’s Candy Crowley that and I quote - “Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too.” Ok, first mistake Joey – you never compare the United States of America to a communistic country!! Since when does the United States of America follow communistic regime socialistic governments’ guidelines and procedures? This is the Free Represented Republic and we are the United States of the America. Hey Joey, when did you start bowing? So, we need the government to protect us…. I kind of think that’s why the
2nd Amendment was written in the Constitution by our Fore Fathers; The right to bear arms.. so that we can protect ourselves, our homes, our property, our families, not only from being burglarized or harmed but also from Tyranny at the hands of a misguided regime of a government. People, when you allow the government 1 single inch, they will take a mile - lock, stock and barrel and they brainwash and lie to your face and tell you it is in your best Interests to have things their way. What is next? Not only are they trying to pass this Bill, but furthermore, they are infringing on Freedom of Speech.

The Main Stream Medias in this country are completely liberal biased. They do not report on their own kind, I mean just look at little Charlie Rangel, Democrat, who’s been in office for 40 years in New York. He’s involved in one of the biggest scandals of our times right now. Also look at Blagojevich’s scandal. But you do not hear those names in the media very often; those are secrets, hidden from the American people and do you want to know why that is? Because they are democrats, plain and simple, democrats and when you are a Democrat, you appear to be above the law.

This Bill is being brought before Congress in order to shut down the thousands, maybe millions, of bloggers, conservative websites, conservative news websites, you tube videos, etc, speaking the truth about this Current Epic Failure of an Administration that this country has ever seen. We are indeed witnessing History as never before. Every single thing that this administration has done since Nov 4, 2008, has been to silence the opposers and to make this country into a Socialized, Dictator, Communist, 3rd World Nanny Government. If something is displeasing to a conservative’s ears, we simply turn the channel. If something is displeasing to a liberal’s ears – they try every which way possible, including Unconstitutional and illegal ways to get it shut down. Only democrats in this country think they have the right to any of the laws, they have the right to do whatever they so desire; and Folks, it is truly sickening.

Here, we have the world at everyone’s fingertips. Anything that you could possibly want to know, Honey, It is all right here. There is no reason on God’s Green Earth, why there are so many ill-informed people walking amongst us. Pure laziness is what it is. Have Americans become so freaking lazy that they do not question authority? We the People of this country, run this show. We ARE the Boss. We have the right to be heard, we have the right to ask questions, we have the right to be answered when we ask questions. Our tax money, our sweat and our tears is what makes this country run; not some 2-bit dictator with a fake birth certificate who the Main Stream Media portrays as someone who descended from the Heavens to save us all!!!

How in the world do these liberals who during their teenage years defied their own parents, with back talk and disobedience, grow up to WANT the government to provide all to them is totally beyond my comprehension. What is wrong with people? Do they not understand that at some point in time, it must be paid back, via HIGHER TAXES???? Government is the problem, it is not the solution. When free people, give the government complete power to shut down the Internet at the dictator’s disposal of what his interpretation of a disaster is – we are truly no longer a free Nation, no longer have freedom of speech and we no longer have the right to proper and factual information. The more power you give to a government, the more they can take away from your rights and your liberties. We are witnessing it, right now, as I am typing this. Call your local Representatives and tell them to Kill the Bill. If these bastards continue to disobey the American people - their constituents, forewarned is forearmed; you will go into early retirement.

I will continue blogging; I will continue sounding the alarms and hell I might even have to learn Morse Code to get my message across. This is totally incredible that this administration is getting away with the monstrosity of laws that have been passed. It makes my freaking head spin, I end up exhausted after reading the news, totally outraged and disgusted. Am I alone here? I sometimes feel like I am alone. Where does it state in our Constitution that the government has the power to just turn us off when they want to? I really do think Obama needs a quick reality check. He needs to be quickly reminded of what happens when you mess with Patriots. Do we really need to remind this imposter what happened to King George III, when he tried to dictate to the Revolutionaries? I mean seriously, what kind of communist crap is this man smoking every day? He surely is not American, he surely is not a Christian or of any belief other than he is the King of the Hill. He lives in our house, the White House. He better soon realize which side of his bread is buttered and realize where exactly that butter comes from…

Everyone needs to get informed, everyone needs to register to vote; as only together, United will we bring this communistic train to an abrupt halt in November. I’ve got news for the Public Servants in our Congress, you have ignored us for the last time; you will receive an early retirement along with a pretty little pink slip. You are fired; as hard as you try, you will never defeat the American spirit, love or pride. This American Made Woman will never stay silent……………

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