Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm now a Blogger, Look out, lol

My own personal diary, well ok, I'm game. There's a lot on my mind these days and none of it is particularly pretty. I'm just an ordinary, regular wife, mother of 3, and yes I do work outside of the home.. which happened in 2008; after enjoying the Bush years of being able to stay home and raise my children. Since the Democrat runned majority House and Senate appeared in 2006, "gaveled" by Nancy Parasite Pelosi, we have seen sufficient decline in our income; as well as other areas; while the cost of living has been on the rise. I will get into those areas later.

I'm no scholar; this is pretty much my opinion, backed with articles and things that I have read to substantiate my beliefs. I'm interested in Early American History, Revolutionary War, Civil War; and all that has made this country the wonderful Nation it is today. However, there is one simple problem with that. We have an imposter in our White House; who does not even have a valid Birth Certificate, who appears with his fake love for this country, all the while pretending that everything he is doing is in the best interest of the American People. He deceived the majority of America in 2008; however this little lady was never fooled.

Our country is in deep trouble. I used to think back in the early 90's when I was a struggling 22 year old Single Mom with a baby; no child support; working 2 jobs; that our country was in grave danger. When our President at the time thought it was rich to play hole in one games with cigars and stain blue dresses; while Kenneth Starr was on the attack and was quite fruitless. We cried for Impeachment then when Clinton lied under oath.. with his smirky little grin during his numerous Press Conferences.. that he did not have sexual relations with that woman. We all knew he was lying and we were willing to hang him for it.

My question is.. Why are we allowing this current administration to get away with what they are doing to this country? The list is long and it is truly never ending, as each day presents itself with new evidence, with new secrets and furthermore, new lies. We could only be blessed right now if Nobama's only crime would be to have had an affair in the White House. Well maybe he has....who knows..

We are living in desperate times right now. We are living in a time where we are no longer safe. There are talks of Martial Law; Our President bows to Muslim Dictators and apologizes to these same Muslim Dictators for our American Way of Life; our Healthcare has been hijacked; our Auto Industry has been severely damaged; we are at the highest unemployment rate in years and it's still rising, government jobs are on the increase (which doesn't help the economy at all, because it takes tax dollars to pay these government salaries, now doesn't it?); Anti-American people are being placed in high power government offices (ie. Kagan); according to Nobama our Constitution is Flawed; illegal immigration; the Justice Department just filed a lawsuit against one of it's own states - Arizona; and now the race baiting and the dividing that is happening in this country.. Need I go on? And to boot, we have major news networks who are biased and who do not report the truth.

So, my goal here is to express my thoughts about what is transpiring in this country and how it is affecting an average American's household. Everyone wants to play the Blame Game; fact is, all one has to do is look into the Liberal Mirror. Taxes, power, greed, corruption, lies, foreign influences are hijacking our country. People are mad, and rightfully so.

I know I'm angry. How can you not be angry with what is going on today? It's the same thing day after day. There is not one single thing that Nobama has done since he has arrived in our House, other than to trash it. We are not being Represented, we are not being told the truth. Our Fore Fathers who founded this country are surely disgraced. I do not intend on having them disgraced any further.

We grew up in a time, or atleast I did.. that one thing was understood - You never discussed Politics or Religion, those two subjects were taboo and completely off-limits. While Americans have been enjoying themselves and trusting that the Representatives that they elected were doing their jobs; and not discussing the issues of the day; a war has been waged against us. We can not be silent anymore, Silence is not an option; for look what Silence has delivered to us. Our God, our Country, our People are being mocked and disgraced daily. The time is now for every American to rise up and take action. That is why I am here.

Thanks for reading this.. more will soon come.. as we start discussing the topics of the day and you will receive an American Made Woman's perspective. God Bless.

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