Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today's crazy little world

Now that I've had my Sweet Tea and I appear to be fully awake; I am once again disgusted. Totally disgusted. I made the horrendous mistake of reading the news and like yesterday, nothing has changed; it's still the same. The only way this country will completely change is when the Liberals are out of Power. I can surely see November from my house, can you?

You know they say that the Oath of a Ring Wing Extremist is the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag of the United States of America. How sad is that? That our pledge to love and honor our country is an "Extremism"? Funny, I see terrorists, illegals, welfare clowns, drunks, felons, gangs, child abusers, adulterers, prostitutes, drugs, and it's all Theft. Theft? Hmm, let's ponder that for a minute - it is theft - when you steal something of value from someone else. When you steal their life; their love; their innocence; their rights; their freedoms; yes, it is all Theft. No one has the "right" to steal anything from you or I. But they all say they are justified and a victim of society - it's someone else's fault that they are the way they are. Loving our country is not a crime - it is an obligation; it is a duty; it is a pledge to be the best citizen you can possibly be. Living in this country is an Honor. Now if that's extreme, then so be it, I guess I'm extreme.

Let's go across this nasty little secret of Abortion funding being given to PA Governor Ed Rendell. $160 Million Dollars worth of Federal (now, by federal that means tax dollars and tax dollars come from the American Tax Payer) Funding. Let's go back for a minute to March 21, 2010. Michigan Representative Bart Stupak was the deciding vote for the Healthcare Bill to be signed into law. I wish I was a fly on that meeting room wall. (So much for transparency in this administration and everything would be filmed and broadcasted on C-Span) I would love to look at Mr. Stupak's bank account records to see just exactly how much he personally benefited by selling his soul and lying to the American people. He stated, "We were able to come to an agreement to protect the Sanctity of Life in the Healthcare Reform, that there will be No Abortion Funding in this Legislation." He goes on to further talk about Principles.. oh yes, those little buggers that often mean Morals. Morals always mean that you tell the truth. So, all the Anti-Abortion activists probably breathed a sigh of relief, right? No so.. here we are not even 4 months after this scam of a Press Conference occurred.. funding Abortions. We knew exactly the reason he quit so abruptly not even 2 weeks that Bill was signed. Wonder where he is right now? He needs to hide his head in shame and be prosecuted for Theft by Deception. Last time I checked, that little crime consisted of Penalty of Fines; prison sentence, probation for 10 years or so and community service.

I'm not hear to preach to anyone about Abortions. I am probably viewed by most as liberal in that area - yes I said the nasty word again. I have my own personal views about Abortion - I don't believe in it. I do not believe that we have the right to take an innocent life away. I believe that God gives life and who are we to take it away from someone else. But I do not believe that we have the right to tell another woman what to do with her body. That is her choice, that is her own personal choice between her and her God. If we walk around telling a woman, you must stay pregnant and give Life - we are no better than the Liberals shoving legislation down our throats. Judgment is not for us to decide - only 1 holds that High Office. I know all the arguments about this - I know all the reasons for Abortions such as incest, rape, birth defects; etc.. but no one knows the miracles of God. Miracles happen every blessed day; it is not up to us to decide who gets to live and who does not. We are mirrored in likeness to God. But, that is not my choice to tell another woman what she should or should not do. It simply is not.

However, stating what I've just stated - it is Illegal, I will say it again, Illegal for the Federal Government to "make" any American purchase something or pay for something they do not to want to partake in. That's like putting a gun to our heads and saying do this or die. So, now my tax dollars are being distributed to pay for Abortions. Mad? Sure I'm mad, I'm disgusted, I'm outraged, I'm all the more empowered to visually see November from my house. Once again, it's not what the majority wanted, it's about power, greed and theft. Quite frankly, if you so desire to have an abortion - by all means, pay for it YOURSELF. You wanted the right to Choose, you have it; now PAY FOR IT. It is not your neighbors responsibility to pay for what you desire to be performed. I'm quite positive that $160 Million Dollars could be spent elsewhere. So, so much for all the liberal cries that Conservatives are evil and uncompassionate and all the other names I've been called because I stand firmly against this HCB and we do not want the 31 million children of this country to be covered by health insurance. Fact is, Healthcare did not need hijacked; Healthcare is a Responsibility, not a Right. Healthcare needed Reformed, no doubt about it, but it did not need to be gone off in a totally different tangent into something so unrecognizable that Healthcare is actually not the only vice in this Bill. But you better soon learn to like it as Parasite Pelosi has told you to do; because if you do not, you will be fined, your bank account will be garnished and you will be put in prison. Every child in this country had the opportunity for healthcare; who the hell are the liberals kidding? There is or was a Chip Program here in Pennsylvania for lower income families to afford healthcare for their children. Problem is, NO ONE WANTS TO WORK! Gimme, gimme, gimme, yea.. sure, Where the hell is my bailout?

Have you read the Bill? Doesn't it state no abortion funding? Ok, so where is all the Constitutional Lawyers, where's all the Civil Rights Lawyers.. oh wait, we're talking about Obamacare and you do not question Obama on anything; he's above it all.

So sick and shaded this administration is. So hypocritally insane this administration is. We are a free Represented Republic and yet, the very people we place into Office can not be trusted. They lie, cheat and steal for votes and there is no recourse for us as the Real Voice in this country other than to wait for another election. I'm tired of waiting for Elections, when in the hell is it high time people are held accountable for their actions and when you lie under Oath, it's a damn crime? When you lie in the Private Sector, you're Fired, end of story.. so long, farewell, everyone is replacable. Well why aren't our Representatives replaceable? Why are they above the law; why are they millionaires on a 5 or 6 figure salary a year? Pocket lining, folks, pocket lining, all off of our dime. We wouldn't tolerate anyone stealing our purses or wallets, so why in the hell are we tolerating this nonsense?

I of course have wrote Congressman Altmire, I have even posted this question on his FB Wall. Demand accountability; I do it every day. I have 3 children; ages are 18, 7, and 3. My house is nuts. My mother always said that I would lose my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders and her other favorite saying is.. "You're just like your Father, always have your heads in the clouds." My head surely is not in the clouds - I believe my head is in the midst of multiple thunderstorms constantly swirling and threatening to reek havoc. My mind is always racing; always thinking; always in turmoil. Life and little details are a must; Love is a constant. I love too much; people mistake my outrage for being a Bitch; well that's fine.. I take so much and then I explode, it's my way of dealing with problems.

When you're trying to raise a family in today's world and you look back and realize that it wasn't so long ago that I was my son's age.. you kinda sit and wonder.. what the hell is going on? Things have changed so drastically in the past 18 to 20 years.. and the majority of a Nation voted for hope and change.

Change it to what? A communistic, 3rd world, dictator socialist nanny state, where we're all a bunch of zombies walking around waiting for the government to tell us what we can and can not do? Over this dead American Made Woman's Body.

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