Wednesday, July 14, 2010

About me

My blog is my own personal opinions, views and a good way for me to keep my sanity in this crazy liberal world. I've started 2 books, but nothing is finished, maybe never will be finished; Is anything ever really finished with a house full of children? If you are one of those that does in fact get things done; Bravo.. I dislike you already, (joke, *wink, *wink)

First things first - I am no Saint, I am indeed a Sinner. I cuss, I drink, I smoke. (before you gasp.. I only smoke cigarettes; never touched a drug in my life; you can pull one of my long dark hairs out of my head and test it for all I care; but I've never touched drugs in my life.) My husband will appreciate that little statement; because when we were first met - He said, "I have to be honest with you - this is who I am - I cuss, I drink, I smoke.".. My response? "Cool, where in the hell I do sign up?" I recently read the Paula Deen book - "It Ain't All About the Cooking", one of my friends allowed me to borrow it :)... I was pleasantly surprised to read that she smoked, drank and cussed too. I was vindicated - lol. For once, I actually read something about a woman who believed in Jesus, who believed that God loved her for the way she was even with her flagrant language. I have flagrant colorful language also. I've been teased before and asked If I was ever a Sailor or a Truck Driver in a past life. I laugh and say no.. but why mince words, just spit it how you feel; no need in pretending with little pretty words, because I can damn well guarantee you what you are bitching about is NOT pretty. I like WTF.. some other phrases too.. but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot works best for me. I even joined a little FB page that I had to think twice about.. "Intelligent, Classy, Well-Educated Women who say "F*ck" I thought twice about it, because I thought, well, what would all the Conservatives say about this? Frankly, I don't care; and if anyone has to question me about my Conservative Beliefs and think that I'm truly not Conservative; well then be my little guest to sit and chit chat with a Liberal Woman. Go for it, I dare you.

What I am committed to doing is reversing this ship called America; this little experiment that a few Founding Fathers put together in a Declaration of Independence, Constitution and a Bill of Rights, oh, let's say 234 years ago. Those little documents that pertain and make up the laws of this land. There was also a war fought; the Revolutionary War; where a young man named George Washington commanded an army and kicked the crap out of the Mighty British Army, the largest Superpower during that time period. Some ask, how did it happen, how was it even possible; with an Army of farmers, locksmiths, lumberjacks, etc.. I'll tell you exactly how it happened - It happened with the American Heart. The American Way; the pride that each of us feels for living in this country.

Once thing is certain, you do not tell an American something can not be done; for where there is a Will, there is most assuredly a way. We love like no other Nation on this Earth; but yet, so many hate us. They hate our freedoms and our way of life. We are a free Nation and it would seem to me that more people would take notice of the documents I listed above. After all, they were written from first hand knowledge of what true tyranny is. Need we remind Nobama what happened to King George when he pissed off some Patriots?

Nobama has underestimated the true Americans. We do not believe his teleprompter speeches, We do not believe a single word he says. He has lied and has not delivered one single campaign pledge. He may be a nice looking gent to some; he may sound nice giving speeches..but all it is - is an Imposter. White blue collared workers in this country voted for him because they had to prove for once and for all that this country is not Racist. Small problem with that. They did not vote in the 1st Black President, they voted in the First Muslim President. Omg, how can I say that? He's Muslim, just as sure as I am sitting here typing this. Have you seen all the Muslim garbs he has worn; he speaks in perfect Arabic dialect; he bows to Muslim dictators and he apologizes. He is successfully brainwashing the liberals and democrats in this country into believing that our American & Western World Ideas are wrong, racist and uncompassionate. The only thing happening in this country that is uncompassionate is having an administration lying, cheating, stealing our rights, our monies, our liberties away from us! Get it together people, get it together. We're not in Kansas anymore; Freedom is not free; this Nation is under Attack and the enemy is trespassing in our House. Didn't your Momma ever tell you not to ever burn any bridges or bite the hand that feeds you? Nobama, has burned all the bridges and he has totally bitten off our entire hands and spit it back out at us because he didn't like our taste.

If you desire facts; please look up wikipedia. This is my opinion and the last time I checked; I still have the right to think freely. I also still have the right to voice my opinions. I like common sense chatting; give me liberty or give me death chatting. What is right is right; what is wrong is dead wrong.

And so the tides still turn, we continue to sit and watch in amazement and utter disbelief. I can so appreciate our Fore Fathers right now and all the secret meetings that they had in discussing their plans to break free from England and the tyrannistic despotic government. Midnight ride of Paul Revere.. so many are performing that galloping ride daily, sounding the alarms, informing the masses; we can only hope that they believe an actual citizen of this country; their neighbors; their family; their friends, before and above a hypocritical man sitting in the WH smoking cigarettes, while texting on his Blackberry and telling the rest of the world that cigarettes are bad for you and that technology is not a good thing. He makes me think of Mr. Mackey on South Park... drugs are bad mmmmkay? History is repeating itself, instead of learning from History, these fools want to put us back in History. Well kiss my American Made Woman's ass, you are not getting away with it.