Friday, July 16, 2010

Graduation - Time for Reflection Part 2

As promised, here is the continuation of my recollections over my son's school years in the public school system. High school proved to be very eventful. The school was escatic with a new Internet system aka Parent Portal - to keep parents informed of your child's grades, attendance, and also what they were eating at school (we have to now know your child's BMI in school.)

Great information and technology; however, only when it was posted. How many times from teachers did I hear; I have hundreds of students; I'm overworked; I do not have the time to put grades in the system; I do not use email or the parent portal system - however I use my own website. Every class was different; every teacher liked their own way of doing things. Nothing in unison, nothing in organization - it was a nightmare to try and keep up with what my son was doing in school; if he was turning in his homework; what his grade was for a test; there was always an excuse every single time when I questioned the teachers. It became increasingly obvious to us that each teacher was totally unsupervised and was in control of their own classroom without having to follow any guidelines. Big problems, which I also directed to the Principal. Those same teachers were never late for a union meeting, I guarantee you that.

I will never forget my son's American History teacher in 10th grade; awe yes, it was the 2007-2008 school year. Open House - This man's smile was so extremely contagious; that is, until he opened his mouth. All he beamed about was what a great election year this was turning out to be and how "historical" it was to have possibly a Woman and/or a Black Man on the Presidential Ticket. Only problem is - he left out an older war hero; and that woman was none other than Hillary Clinton. I raised my hand and I asked.. "Do you understand that there is another side of the political spectrum that you are leaving out and do you also teach that other side?" He giggled, turned a little shade of red; and quickly said.. "Oh yes, my assistant here and he pointed to another teacher in the room, helps remind me of that everyday." I told him, "Good, I'm glad to hear that, because you do know that there are always 2 sides to every story?" During that Open House, this teacher also made it a point to show us the new History Books that just arrived hot off the presses - Obama's picture and community organizing story was front page, with no mention of ACORN, William Ayers, Reverend Wright, Saul Alinsky, George Soros, The Dunham Family, The Real Obama Family, etc. The homework assignments started - One of the assignments was the word Democrat spelled out in a vertical line - and the student was to name something about the Democratic Party for each letter in the word Democrat. That was quite amusing. For example; D we chose Donkey; M - Move and so on. No paper ever came home with the word Republican on it.

Biology - oh the complete and mind boggling study of Global Warming as an absolute; nothing ever mentioned about the other side of Global Warming and that it just might be a hoax. Nothing ever taught about the political gain through exploiting the environment either. Evolution taught as if it's the gospel. Word Culture teaching all religions and just skimming over Christianity; yes you heard me right. Obama T-shirts run rampant; T-shirts with the Swastika's on them, however, American Flag t-shirts are forbidden and considered extreme. Kids walking around school citing "Hail Hitler", and actually thinking it was funny. I'm surprised the Pledge of Allegiance is still allowed in the schools, as many are arguing that our Pledge is a prayer. Metal detectors and police are a constant in high schools. Schools claim to have a strict dress code; however; pants hang on the guys so you can see their boxers; pants hang on the hips of girls so you can see their thongs. Schools preach abstinence in one hand and dish out condoms in the other hand. Kids are hanging out after school and smoking dope or doing other types of drugs.

If I am 1 parent and I can see all these things; then what the hell is a whole high school doing with hundreds of faculty members seeing everyday? And just more pointedly, where the hell are these kids' parents? You wonder why or how these children grow up and go on to college and practice free will, free love, free peace and we all live in a happy little world together.

Who is going to stop all this madness? When are schools just going to stick to the academic subjects and the teachers to leave their personal feelings at home? I stood up to every issue I stated above. Now, let it be known, that there were many loving and warm teachers who actually put grades in the computer systems in a timely fashion; who actually called me when they felt there was a problem; and who had no problem keeping the lines of communication open.

When I was in school, none of that stuff above was happening; and if you were caught doing any of it, you were severely punished, with your parents receiving a phone call coupled with a nice conference. Children today are not only receiving a one sided liberal world education, but they are being prepared for how the real world truly works. It's sad, it truly is. Why both sides can not be taught and the children have the right to make up their minds is beyond me. I'm positive they would soon learn which side they would quickly be on. Communism wouldn't be one of them. Because while they are defying their parents; they surely wouldn't side with complete government control over their minds and their money either. :)

And so the fight will continue as my other 2 children enter the school world and this American Made Woman will be ready and waiting.....

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